I’m so into John casually putting his hand on the small of Sherlock’s back at a crime scene.

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Teenlock spends nearly all of his time in the library. The teachers believe he’s studying, because he’s got such high marks, but he’s actually just pining after the librarians college assistant, one tanned and cardigan wearing John Watson.

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Oh, Sherlock. How wrong you were…

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He said that he would acquire no knowledge which did not bear upon his object. Therefore all the knowledge which he possessed was such as would be useful to him. I enumerated in my own mind all the various points upon which he had shown me that he was exceptionally well informed. I even took a pencil and jotted them down. I could not help smiling at the document when I had completed it. It ran this way:

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Sherlock sexting John more like

"You’re my entire world, my entire universe, and though I wasn’t big on astronomy before I am now because you’re the sun to my moon and I love you. SH"

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David Bowie sits in his bed watching HLV for the thirteenth time.

Sherlock takes John’s hand and holds it for 100 frames. Bowie squeezes his pillow to his chest. A single tear slides down his face as Sherlock climbs the steps to the private jet.

"What the hell was that?" Bowie whispers. His voice is shaky. "What the hell was that….


John + shut up

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